The General, drip-casted lead crystal, 2013



William Greenwood, born in Salisbury, Wiltshire, is a glass artist, printmaker and oil painter based in Darmstadt, Germany. As a product of the 1980s British art school system, he initially studied Graphics and Pre BA Foundation before a Bachelor of Arts in Ceramics & Glass (specializing in Glass Sculpture).

After graduating in 1988 he started a career in Graphic Design and worked in London as print and multimedia-based designer.

He moved to Darmstadt in 2000 and in 2004 set up his own fulltime glass studio. From there, William has been experimenting with slumping and static casting techniques. He models his ideas in clay or wax and makes negative plaster/quartz moulds that are fired in a glass kiln. The main focus of the work is to create forms, which trap personal thoughts and moods in glass. William explains:

"The experimental casting work is all about finding form from fleeting thought and fighting with the glass to make it permanent. Easier said than done! I definitely experience a love-hate relationship with kiln-worked glass. Glass is so uncompromising and difficult to control. Infact, I would go as far to say that it controls the artist much more than he or she would like to admit. Its physical laws bind one. My thrill of glass arrives from creating my ideas / forms on this very restrictive playing field. So, even with all the processes, conditions and subsequent pitfalls, one forges ahead to realize the original idea in casted glass."

In 2010 he re-established himself as a printmaker working linocuts and etching. This reconnected the artist with drawing and painting and it wasn't long before he found himself with bristle brushes in his hand.

"As an art student I had experienced many of the basic forms of Art including oils. But for me, oil paint had always been the more illusive medium. Acrylics were the dominant force in art school and obviously, much cheaper too. It wasn't until years and years later that I caught up with oil paint. Similar to glass sculpture, oil painting is another very challenging medium that has captured my attention. It is with some regret that I didn't become an oil painter much earlier but in the last few years I've dived into it and found much of the same enthusiasm I've had for glass."

For William, the oil painting is all about developing a distinctive style to convey more personal thoughts and narratives. With the tendency to be very graphical, he has deliberately adopted the idea of 'not' blending colours on the canvas. He likes the idea that every colour has it's own border or territory.

"I could be flippant here and say that the decision to have separate patches of colour is to do the complete opposite of most other painters but actually it's more about deconstructing a graphical brain and finding a level of abstraction that works for me."



2004 - Glass & Painting, GGAG, Darmstadt, Germany
2004 - Black Glass, GGAG Darmstadt, Germany
2005 - Shapes in Blue, GGAG Darmstadt, Germany
2005 - Winterausstellung, Galerie Gartenhaus, Babenhausen, Germany
2006 - Sommerausstellung, Galerie Gartenhaus, Babenhausen, Germany
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2006 - First Glass Galerie, München, Germany
2007 - Galerie Marie-Christin Marschalek, Wien, Austria
2007- Glasrijk, Tubbergen, Netherlands
2007 - Group Glas, Zwingenberg Germany
2007 - First Glass Galerie, München, Germany
2007- Glas Art Galerie, Innsbruck, Austria
2008 - First Glass Galerie, München, Germany
2008 - Glas Art Galerie, Innsbruck, Austria

2009 - Glas Art Galerie, Innsbruck, Austria
2010 - Glas Art Galerie, Innsbruck, Austria
2011 - Atelier Hénon, Dieburg, Germany
2011 - Glas Art Galerie, Innsbruck, Austria
2012 - Glaspreis 2012, Glasmuseum,  Immenhausen
2012 - Snakes & Ladders, Belfry Arts Centre, Norfolk, UK

2013 - Palmenhaus, Palmengarten, Frankfurt, Germany
2013 - 3 Positionenm, Glas Art Galerie, Innsbruck, Austria
2013 - Solo Exhibition, Staatspark Fürstenlager, Bensheim, Germany
2017 - Nur Tulpen, Palmengarten, Frankfurt, Germany